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Welcome to our Studio,

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We offer the finest collection of our own designer brand jewelry and accessories, all one of a kind and hand crafted by our in-house studio designers with the greatest care and attention to detail. 
Each item is inspired by a special theme or a fashion season and is especially designed for and made available in our catalog and online boutiques. 
We love girly things like the color pink, flowers and ribbons and sterling silver hearts, which you will often see featured in some of our designs or presentations.




We have reasonable prices to suit every person looking to own a unique piece of our jewelry. Every stage of the design and manufacturing process is undertaken in our own Studio and each material is carefully selected to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship, love and care to create each special piece.
Our motto and the final design stage is: "If we won't wear it - we wouldn't make it!"

We guarantee each piece of jewelry is one of a kind - the only one available in the entire world!
It also comes with a certificate of authenticity signed with each purchase.

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We look forward to presenting our latest unique designs to you,